Summer Qualifiers 2017


The Summer Qualifiers were held on 8th and 9th July at Morris Equestrian Centre.


Our jumping and dressage teams were competing and did so well, with places near the top of the table throughout and a whole clutch of individual rosettes too. Thank you to everyone who was on the team, on the team training and support crew, or volunteered their time and expertise to help Glenbrae and its members do so well.


We are always interested in people wishing to be in the teams so if you are a current Glenbrae member and interested in representing your club please contact:

Jumping and Style Jumping: email Astell Easdon

Dressage:  email Jonathan Bagg


Please say at what level you would like to compete, what you have you been doing with your horse and what your plans are for the future.


Please remember if our teams qualify the horses will have to travel a considerable distance to compete.


Glenbrae Teams for Summer 2017 qualifiers BRC Area 1


Dressage 1 team:

Yvonne Doran on Sienna

Fiona Craig on Sunny

Sasha Crookston on Rosie

Wendy Kirkwood on Zac


Dressage 2 team:

Sharon Lewis on Alfie

Jane Brisbane on George

Pamela Burns on Star

Aileen Millar on Kerrie


Jumping 1 team:

Emma Gall on Lady

Sasha Crookston on Rosie

Adelle Ritchie on Secret

Jonathan Bagg on Wilson


Jumping 2 team:

Joyce Greenhorn on Jake

Jane Brisbane on George

Wendy Kirkwood on Zac

Astell Easdon on Chico

Glenbrae Team report 2016/17


Our dressage team was captained by Anne Smith and Gemma Sellar who organised their training and entries. They were trained by Yvonne McFarlane. Our team comprised:


Eve Gray

Fiona Craig

Evelyn Lapsley

Yvonne Doran


who were placed 6th overall in the BRC Area 1 Qualifiers in July 2016 and Eve also was placed 6th individually.


We are so proud of our intermediate show jumping team who did a wonderful job at the British Riding Clubs Intermediate Winter Championships at Bury Farm Equestrian Village, Bedfordshire in April 2017. Here's to the next competition!


Joyce Greenhorn

Leanne McBain

Aileen Jeffrey

Astell Easdon


Our Novice team also did really well, having placed fifth in the Winter Show jumping Qualifiers in November 2016:


Eilidh Wilson

Eve Gray

Sarah Fishwick

Krys Blackie

Heather Macgowan (reserve)

We had a selection of lovely prizes donated for our Spring raffle, the proceeds from which helped with the costs of our team competing at the Area 1 National Show Jumping Championship.


The winning tickets were drawn at our annual Showing and Dressage show on  13 May 2017. Congratulations to all who won and our thanks to our amazing donors.